I honestly hope I just don’t wake up.

My heart hurts so fucking much, it’s unbearable.
I want nothing more than to either have what I no longer do or to cease my existence.

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Hate that uploading pictures anywhere besides flickr kills the quality!Tumblr also won’t let me upload the other pictures from this shoot because the files are too big *sigh*but here’s a photo from the shoot I did with mah bestie, Lindsey today! c:
©Ashly Nicole Photography 2014 do not edit, alter, or redistribute without permission.
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HOT DAMN, LIGHTS!!!Thank you lord for Matt Barnes and his amazing photography, and thank you for letting this be in the Little Machines bundle. This is going on my wall as soon as I get it<3
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This was nearly impossible to edit!!I tried my best to get a lot of the red and blue tint out of it, but oh my gosh.

It’s never going to be; It’s never going to be and I can’t wrap my head around it.
All I want to do is cry forever.

I love how you get to feel perfectly fine no matter what, and I get to sit here and cry myself to sleep every night and wish I didn’t exist.

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Wish I had the guts to kill myself already .

I can’t take much more of this..I’m so tired of crying everyday. I’m tired of missing someone who only misses me when I turn the tables. I’m tired of feeling like nothing.

I want these head games to stop…I just want my best friend back.

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